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I told Mark this morning not to quit his day-job. He looked at me cross-eyed and asked my meaning. I cocked my head sideways and told him to keep the midnight-extermination-work to a minimum, please. Explanation to follow:

Last night while outside on the deck, we heard “munching sounds” coming from the deck railing. 😮 Not a good thing, especially when you can see coarse sawdust on the deck steps. urg. We figured it was carpenter ants and came in to research how to rid ourselves of them.

Fast forward to bedtime and we finally doze off around 11:45pm. Much too late, but regardless…

I wake up at some point after 1am to find my husband jumping ON the bed, beating the ceiling with his hands. What the…? Now in his defense, he’s claimed to have heard something in the attic scratching around for a couple of weeks, but I’d never heard it. That is until my husband pissed off whatever is up there and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. 😡

Looking at the deck this morning through groggy eyes, I realize that there are BEES going in the area of the deck rail where we think there might be carpenter ants. Hmmm…is there such a thing as ‘carpenter bees’? I queried the pros on my ArborParents list and sure enough, the answer was a resounding “YES!”

When I saw the bees hovering around the deck, I figured they were going in there to snack on carpenter ants. Turns out they’re not doing that at all; they’re boring my deck and laying eggs. 😡 They are the ones producing coarse sawdust on the steps. double urg. So I Google the insect and find a picture that looks like the one to the right. And I realize this is exactly what is outside.

So our Adventures in Extermination will continue; the critter in the attic (whatever it is) will have a professional exterminator come after it and these carpenter bees will be hit with some Sevin liquid and boric acid this weekend.

I still don’t think my husband needs to quit his day job–he’s much better at biotech research than beating on the ceiling trying to get something to be quiet. Of course, if his goal was to wake me up, then he showed tenacity and an amazing ability to do so. But that’s why I need him to keep his day job: I need time to nap! 😉.

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