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Okay, so this is the 4th day of April. My daffodils are up, my hyacinths are blooming (and oh-so-fragrant!!), and my tulips’ foliage is springin’ up through the soil. Spring is here!

Until today.

Yesterday, it was 74F. Gorgeous–a bit blustery, but beautiful. The kids were outside playing and riding their bikes; the windows were open, and I actually had to run the AC in the car to cool down the interior after it sat in a parking lot for 30 minutes.

Today? Oh, it’s 28F right now. 28F! Whoever blew this winter storm in has my wrath…this may just kill my daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. And *that* makes me mad. I’m not asking for summer-in-April; it IS Michigan, after all. I’m just asking for an absence of snow squalls in April.

I promised Brendan some DQ tonight, because our plans to take our friends and kids out for ice cream fizzled. And I realized the absurdity of it all as I’m driving in to Dexter: It’s April. I’m bundled in my winter coat, driving to the DQ. I’m freezing. And the DQ is *OUTDOORS*. Which means I have to STAND OUTSIDE to get ICE CREAM when I’m already freezing my hoo-haas off. Is this picture of absurdity or what? It’s like a Monty Python sketch that continually gets more and more ridiculous.

On top of that, my Easter outfit for Sunday is nixed. 😡 I found a great shirt and some totally cute flippy wedge-sandals to go with my skirt and shirt. All of it predicated on warm weather. And all of it will not be worn on Easter Sunday, 2007. Because it’s GOING TO SNOW on Sunday. ARgh. It’s one thing to stand in a snowstorm and buy ice cream treats; it’s entirely different when it messes with my planned wardrobe. 😮


We had a lovely visit with Elizabeth and her kids and our friend Angel. Elizabeth and the kids are on spring break and Angel had a few days off from student-teaching in Wilmore, so they drove up from Nicholasville.  I did manage to tell them that the expected temps were in the 50s and 60s while they were here, and the fact that they topped out in the 70s was particularly nice. But these girls still don’t know how to dress for the weather…they came prepared to have spring break in Miami, not Dexter. And although we were wearing long-sleeves and wool socks, they were in short sleeves (to almost no-sleeves) and lightweight stuff. And telling me how cold it is up here!


“Dress for the weather,” was my response, “this is how people in northern climates stay warm!” My words fell on deaf ears for the most part. Let’s face it–Elizabeth is from Hotlanta and Angel is moving to Haiti next year. These girls like hot, sticky, icky weather. Cold is an anathema to them–as 100F temps and 200% humidity is to me.

But I guess most people don’t go north for spring break anyhow. 😉

It was great to spend time with them nonetheless…I’ve missed my friends and the camaraderie we share. What am I going to do when they move to Turkey and Haiti (respectively)? 😮.

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