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Being relatively unplugged from the TV news has left me much more peaceful that I used to be. But on days like today, it’s also left me sometimes under-appreciating the depth of tragedy that can occur.

The 32 victims of the shooting rampage that took place at Virginia Tech are in my thoughts and heart today, and their families and friends are in my prayers. There are truly few words that can comfort at this time of grief and shock–my family knows this all too well. Ears and arms are the best things we can offer; ears for listening. Listening to the survivors lamenting their losses, the anger, and the good memories of those who are now gone. Arms for holding and hugging when needed–sometimes there is little more that conveys love and empathy than a hug.

Being unplugged from the nightly news doesn’t leave me entirely void of what’s going on; I still hear reports of exploitation of this horrid event despite not watching it first-hand. How do you make sense of such a senseless act? Of such violence? And yet there are those who would try to gain an upper-hand politically in the face of the 32 who perished and the mourning that the entire state of Virginia and the rest of the country are going through. How is it that the political grandstanding and attempts to gain an edge didn’t take place with the last school shooting or the 9/11 attacks? We all stood together, shoulder-to-shoulder, as Americans who needed to support each other. Why is it different now? Is it that those who are trying to ‘benefit’ in some twisted way are more separated from the suffering and have divorced themselves from the reality and grieving? Or is it that we are more calloused now than we were 5.5 years ago?

I’m not really sure I care to know the reason. What I do want to see is America as a whole condemning those who are trying to gain benefit on the backs of those who lost their lives yesterday. Show the politicians that we *are* who I know we *can* be as a nation: Americans who circle the wagons and support those who are hurting and who don’t allow others to benefit from tragedy.

May God comfort those who are dealing with the aftermath at Virginia Tech..

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