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…or is it? If you turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, or read a magazine these days, all you’ll hear about is what a rotten shape our world is in. And how “evil humans” did this to the planet. And how capitalism is evil, businesses need to be dismantled and the executives sent packing, and how good life was without all the modern conveniences that we now enjoy.

Um…wait a minute. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Happy Earth Day. The day that we’re supposed to turn to “mother earth” and thank “her” for being so benevolent to us and apologize for screwing up the planet as badly as we (supposedly) have. Is it just me, or does this “environmental” stuff seem an awful lot like neo-Marxist thinking and anti-capitalist bull?

There’s a fantastic video at Google Video right now called The Great Global Warming Swindle. No matter where you stand on this issue of global warming (man-made or otherwise), it is entirely worth your time to watch this movie. It’s a little more than an hour, but the information is invaluable. If you think that global warming is man-made, then you’re not getting the full story from the mainstream media (shocking, I know!). If you think that global warming isn’t made-made, then you’re not getting the full story from the mainstream media (even more shocking, I know!).

What I took away from this movie (which includes notables such as climatologists from all over the world and the co-founder of Greenpeace) was the absolute moral depravity of The Movement. Let’s leave aside for the moment that this movement houses the world’s population of neo-Marxists and communists who had no place to go when the Berlin Wall came down and worldwide communism was no more. Let’s just consider a few points that The Movement talks about and the far-reaching implications on those who need technology and development the most.

  • Environmentalists tell us that we must eschew all forms of carbon consumption, even if it’s not the main cause of climate change (i.e., global warming). They romanticize peasant life and living without modern conveniences. How many of these same proponents are willing to give up their internet connections, electricity, and heat in order to do what they tell us “must be done” in order to “protect our world”?
  • The parts of the world that need carbon and development the most (and would use carbon and electricity in order to develop) are those desperately poor African countries. And yet these nations and people groups are told that they must use solar and wind power in order to develop. Have you ever seen a steel forging plant that ran on solar or wind power? How can a “developing nation” actually develop without the ability to forge their own steel and build their own buildings?
  • Women and children in rural African nations regularly die because they don’t have electricity to light their homes and cook their meals. They burn dried dung and branches in their homes to cook meals, and this form of pollution takes the lives of countless children and women in the form of lung disease and cancer–all because they don’t have electricity.
  • There is a medical clinic with two solar panels outside of Nairobi that can run either ONE compact flourescent bulb (for lighting) OR a small refrigerator to keep vaccines and other medical supplies cold at a time. The doctor cannot have both light AND a refrigerator. The cost involved in setting up the two solar panels was so great that they cannot load the roof up with more in order to meet their electrical needs.
  • Solar and wind power are so expensive that most Americans and Europeans cannot afford to use it. And yet environmentalists expect the poorest of the poor African nations to use it exclusively? You’ve got to be kidding! Unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

So the moral issues involved in repressing development in countries that need it the most and have the most shocking levels of poverty absolutely astound me. The Movement is simply willing to continue to let people suffer and die in order to keep their belief system up and going. To sacrifice other human beings for “the cause” is so repugnant to me that I’m (almost) without words. [The irony isn’t lost on those of you who know me well…]

Human beings are not a pox on the face of the planet, and they shouldn’t be sacrificed on the altar of a political agenda. People are treasures and their worth is incalculable from a human perspective. The desire to succeed and for countries to develop should be encouraged, not discouraged. True poverty should be eradicated, not maintained or encouraged in order to save a theory or political agenda.

What makes me the saddest is when I think of how much *could* be accomplished with the energy and manpower that The Movement possesses and simply is not, because people are seen as a plague, not a treasure. What a waste.

Happy Earth Day…sort of. Instead of celebrating *where* we live and self-flagellating over our supposed “crimes,” why not celebrate the *people* with whom we live–their accomplishments, their potential, and their lives? It will be far more uplifting and encouraging, I promise. :).

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