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Okay, I’ve been a baaaad blogger. Bad Sue, bad Sue! We had houseguests for the first 10 days of April (two sets, consecutively), and it took me several days to get back on my feet after everyone left. Oy–I didn’t realize exactly HOW tired I was!

But we had an absolutely lovely Easter. My parents came up and spent the holiday weekend with us and we fully enjoyed our time together. For those of you who know me well, you may remember that our visits are sometimes strained. But not this time. My dad was playing constantly !!! with Brendan, and my mom was more relaxed than I’d seen her in a while. Brendan and Buppa went out “spitting,” walking, playing, hanging out at Hackney Hardware (doing “guy stuff”) and “wrestling.” The days were marked with lots of laughter and hearing, “On your mark…get set…STOP!” as they play-wrestled. Brendan watched “Peter Pan” (Mark’s mom put it in his Easter basket) twice, and each time, my dad used it as a reason to check his eyelids for leaks. 😉

Although Brendan was tired and the rest of the week after they left was hard, we were truly sad to see them go home. I do think, however, that we effectively freaked them out with church on Easter. 😮 The music was *loud* and the service was *great*, but certainly not the sedate preaching and hymns they are used to. But they were great sports about it–they diplomatically said they’d never been to a service like it. And I know they hadn’t. :) But it’s where we are and these are the people that we’re getting to know and build relationships with as we look towards the Ann Arbor campus and plant. So we wanted them to know a little more about our hearts and those we’ll be working with.

They loved our home…and kept going on and on about how nice it is. :) And although I think it’s a great home for us and is all we need it to be (except for the repairs and replacements, which keep us busy), I didn’t really *need* their approval. But it is nice to have, and clearly, I’ve enjoyed replaying the conversations about how sturdy a house it is, what a great yard we have, and what a wonderful job our realtors did, helping us with the purchase.

But I have to tell you, getting Brendan to bed late several days in a row was *disaster* for us. :( He was up late (playing with his grandparents) and up early (playing with his grandparents), and decided on their last morning here that he was going to push the limits and every single button I have. 😡 😡 😡 It was not pretty and had me in tears all day long. Although my parents were very supportive of me and gave me the space I needed to correct my kid, there was just something sooo hard about having his be so uncharacteristically rotten. :( Maybe it was my own exhaustion mixed with his. Or maybe I was subconsciously worried about looking like a “failure” in front of my parents. Regardless, it was miserable. And by the end of the week, I was more than ready for a Girls Night Out. I needed to get the heck outta dodge and decompress.

But all of the wicked-hard stuff didn’t dampen the enjoyment of our time together, even if it was bitterly cold and snowy for mid-April. I have no recollection of snow on Easter while I was a kid, but I’m sure it happened. I just didn’t want it to happen *this* year and wreck all my blooming bulbs in the garden. But wreck ’em it did–and then we had even more snow this past Wednesday. I was so hopeful and starting to segregate my winter gear to the back section of my closet…only to have to dig it and my thick wool socks out again. Rats..

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