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So Mark and I are planning to adopt a child from China. But we’re beginning to realize that we may have to adopt from somewhere else first–China is changing the requirements (some would say “rules”) about adoption from their country and for the time being, we don’t think we will qualify. Which is a shame–because we have room in our hearts and home and a loving family for a child who has none of the above. But when you’re at a dance, you gotta “dance with the one who brung ya,” and in this case, it means playing by China’s new requirements. So we’ll see how all of this plays out–we’re hopeful, but we also know that God’s got all of this under His control. And we’re good with that.

But in the meantime, I read a story that simply is heartbreaking. As China prepares for the Beijing ’08 Summer Olympics, they are trying to ‘clean up’ and put on the best face they possibly can for the world’s visitors. And who can blame them? The US does the same when we host the Olympics, although in our case, some of the biggest nutjobs come out of the woodwork just about the time of the games. :::rolling my eyes::: So in the midst of all of this and the (alleged) relaxing of the “one child rule” in China, there’s a story on NPR (yes, NPR!) that gives me pause and makes me cry.

NPR reports of forced abortions in the Guangxi provice–some as late as 9 months in to the pregnancy. Here is the whole story , but the short version is that a Christian couple was forced to abort their second child at 7 months in the middle of April. She and her husband were bodily forced to a hospital in Baise city for the “procedure,” at which time the wife was given a series of injections in her abdomen, and she delivered a dead son the next day. 😥 They report that the ward they were put in was full of women (“not a spare bed”) and that women were being dragged in one by one.

So at this point, you might be blase about the whole thing and think that this isn’t news. Well, sort of. Forced abortion and sterilization were somewhat common in the early 80s after the introduction of the family-planning laws. But five years ago, a law was passed that guarantees Chinese citizens a degree of choice in family planning matters. And the fact of the matter is that this *wouldn’t* be news if the couple whose story I related here weren’t Christians. They took a huge risk and have contacted a Christian aid-agency for help. Which group publicized the story. This couple may face retribution for their faith, but now they have brought international renown to China for something that the Chinese government would rather not face–forced abortion and sterilization of its own citizens.

My heart breaks for the family whose story is here, but also for the countless others who have been forced in to this position and who don’t have the ability or contacts outside of China to let their voices be heard. As a mom, I simply cannot imagine what heartache and sadness and anger these parents must be going through…and how it must feel to have a baby who was just shy of birth be ripped from your heart and womb simultaneously. It simply makes me cry.

Although I sincerely hope that the communist government in China gets its act together and stops this, I also know that there is a cultural barrier which I (as a Westerner) simply don’t understand. And although I know the answer is freedom for people and not governmental control, I’m not in charge and no one asked me for my answer to the world’s woes. But I hold these women in my heart and ache for the babies that they won’t get to hold and the ones who have no families to hold them..

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