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Another room, that is. It seems like I’ve been painting for the last 2 months straight, but I think it’s just because there is so much painting to do around here. We finished painting the front room (a lovely shade of cafe au lait) this weekend, and although it only took a few days, all of the painting is beginning to wear on me. I like doing it, but I think as much as I’ve done just reminds me that I want it DONE and it’s not going as quickly as I’d like. So today is putting things in place and continuing to unpack the front room. Which feels good. :) And then I will probably start sanding the walls in the kitchen today or tomorrow–I’d like to have the kitchen painted in the next week and have it done before we go down to Lexington mid-month. The kitchen paint is a lovely shade of moss-green and will be accented by a wallpaper border that I will hang at the chair-rail level. Although the paint colour is dark, the floors are white tile and the cabinets are bright maple, so there’s a lot of light that comes in the room. I think it will be beautiful. At least, that’s what I’m banking on. 😉

The dripping from the master toilet was taken care of last week; I was highly impressed and pleased with the plumber, even though it was a $250 bill. 😐 The upshot of it is that we’ll have to replace both commodes. They are 25 years old and for the past 10+ years have been utterly neglected. :( But for now, the leak is fixed and we have bought ourselves a bit of time to put aside cash for the fixture-replacement. Ah well, such is the life when you buy and older home. Happily, there isn’t much left *to* replace after these toilets, so we’re probably close to being done as far as the “continuing-to-fix-things” mode we’ve been in.

Time to get back to work and unpack another box or two. I assembled a wooden lateral file yesterday and also need to get the files from the metal cabinet in the garage to the new one. So still much to do, but things are coming along. Which makes me happy..

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