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One of the appliances we knew would need replacing (and soon) when we bought this house was the over-the-range microwave oven. I had one in Nicholasville and adored it; Mark and a friend installed it and I became a huge fan of its convenience and lack of counter-space-hogging. So when we knew that the one in the house was a model from 1991, we had the microwave at the top of the ‘to replace’ list.

Fast forward 2.5 weeks and we pick one out at a local appliance store. It’s a GE and supposedly is just under the “top of the line” series–it’s an Eterna and the salesman tells us how reliable and overall what a great machine it is. He cuts us a deal and we pay cash for it and it gets loaded in to the car.

Mark and I installed the thing this afternoon–the hardest part was securing the bracket to the wall (and hitting studs) and then anchoring the machine to the inside of the cabinet above it. So it’s done, I set the time and pull out (what else?) LEFTOVERS for dinner. After all, a microwave means that I can reheat leftovers w/o a problem and there are several things to choose from.

But first, I cook rice–something we haven’t had in nearly 3 weeks and have sorely missed. So it’s chugging along and I get 15 minutes in and realize the rice needs another 3 or 4 minutes to be done. The odd thing is that there is steam building up (visibly) inside the door–and I don’t mean that I can wipe it off when I open the door and try to do so. It appears to be *inside* the actual pieces of the door. Hmmm. Don’t quite know what to do about that, but maybe it’s just a small glitch.

And then it happens.

The microwave makes a high-pitched squeal and croaks after 2 minutes. So I got a grand total of 17 minutes of cook-time out of this thing.

We checked the circuit breaker; we checked the plug(s). We checked the GCFI plug in the kitchen, in case the previous owners had wired the microwave to that switch (don’t know why they would have, but there are many things around here that we don’t get).





Not even a hint of power, no matter what we try. So we now have a hundred-pound paperweight hanging from the kitchen wall and cabinet. I can’t get through to the appliance store (figures!) or GE. It is, after all, a Saturday.

You gotta be kidding me…this just doesn’t seem possible.

Stay tuned for the continuation of The Microwave Diaries, sponsored by GE Appliances (“We Bring Good Things to Life”) and ABC Warehouse (“The Closest Thing to Wholesale”)..

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