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…and I don’t mean in a good way. I decided to make spicy cheeseburger soup last night for dinner and cooked up about 6 lbs of ground beef at the same time. I typically do this, let it cool, and then bag up the excess in meal-size portions and freeze it. So no biggie, right?

Errrm…no. Apparently, it WAS a big deal. And unfortunately I didn’t know it at the time. I browned the meat and drained it and put the warm meat in a Corelle bowl to begin cooling. I turned around to change the radio station and heard a pop-CRASH! 😮

I turned around to find the bowl had EXPLODED! and there was shattered glass and meat EVERYWHERE. :( Including on my *brand new* kitchen rug that the tags were still on. Ugh.

I just let out a huge “ohmygosh” and Mark came trotting up the stairs and wondered what the heck happened. So between the two of us, we cleaned it all up and all that browned meat went in to the trash. 😐 I have never seen a Corelle bowl do that–it was a serving bowl and is supposed to handle heat just fine. I guess not this one, though. The only bad thing is that it wasn’t the lousy Old Town Blue patterned bowl that this happened to but a plain white one. Rats..

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  • Joanna

    You are doomed to live with Old Town Blue until either you expire or you decide someone out there is in “need” of dinnerware. That’s the only way to rid yourself of it.