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I love snow. Always have, always will.

The other day, we had snow all day and I shoveled (with Brendan’s “help”) 3 inches of the white stuff. No worries–just about 75 minutes of shoveling and it was light and fluffy. Not bad.

Tuesday night in to Wednesday morning, we got just shy of 8″ of the stuff. Still, I’m up for it, and so I hike out and begin to shovel. It’s light and fluffy (i.e., a dry snow), but the sheer volume of it wore me out. I got half-way down The World’s Longest Driveway in just over an hour and had to take a break. So in it was for Brendan (who was less than willing to help shovel yesterday) and me–I made lunch and went down to sit on the sofa for a bit. A beautiful sunbeam was shining through the basement window (and on the sofa), and I found myself asleep before I knew it. I’d make a great cat, I think. 😉 So after my short snooze, Brendan’s wet snowsuit was dry and I bundled back up to go and finish the driveway. And in about an hour and 20 minutes, it was done. All of this to say: Mark owes me a snowblower. A nice one, too. I don’t mind going out and doing the work–I like working and being outside, especially in winter. But for time-management-purposes, 2.5 hours clearing a driveway is just too pickin’ long, especially considering my other responsibilities around here (homeschooling, chores, cooking, etc.). So I’m going to start looking for a good deal–stores are probably putting them on clearance about now, but we have more snow yet to come this season, for sure.

So my Valentine’s Day was not exactly romantic, as my arms were aching from the shoveling and I fell asleep at 9:00pm. I even missed “Lost,” and have to watch it online today. Good grief!


Update on the 100# paperweight on the wall:

I called ABC Warehouse (where we bought the darned thing) and told the salesman what had happened. He told me to bring it back in and he would swap it out. So we took the thing off the wall this a.m. and it’s in the back of the Saturn now–won’t they be surprised when we show up after work today! If they don’t have what we want, I think I’ll just get a refund and start again, but not at ABC. Although, since we left the mounting bracket on the wall this morning, I kind of hope we can just swap out machines and not have to go through all the rigmarole of drilling new holes, finding the studs, and re-mounting yet another bracket for a different microwave.

Sheesh. What a hassle..

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