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If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that this post is a definite anomaly. After all, this “starlet”‘s life and mine have very little in common, right?

Some will say that her untimely death is what happens when you live hard and fast and that she got what she deserved.

Others will say that she set back the cause of women by decades with her behaviour and persona.

I will say that although we had little in common, her early and unexpected death is a shame and tragedy. Not in the sense that the media is obsessing with it, but in a different way.

Let’s face it, Anna Nicole’s life was a train wreck. But somewhere beneath the platinum blonde hair, blood-red lips, artificially-inflated chest, and teased-hair was a person. A person who grew up in a family and had a personal history–a story, if you will. She was her mama’s baby (and presumably, still is) and probably had a relatively normal suburban life until she got a taste of fame and decided that this was what she wanted to do with her life.

Certainly not my goals, but I don’t begrudge someone the opportunity to achieve what’s in his or her heart to achieve. But it does bring up a verse to mind, “For what does it benefit a person if he gains the world and loses his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). Now I don’t know where Anna Nicole stood with her Creator, but if the fruit of her life was anything to measure, she probably wasn’t on a first-name basis with Him.

I think the real tragedy in this scenario has more to do with her orphaned infant daughter. Because although this little girl has a daddy, we really don’t know who that is at this point. And although she has a huge amount of potential with her life and what is to come in it, people will be fighting over her and her heritage. Not because she’s a beautiful baby and they want to raise her in the best way possible, but because she stands to be the sole heir to her mother’s money–the same money that thrust her mom in to the public spotlight through her marriage to and the death of a Texas oil magnate. Which I find to be intensely sad. This baby will never know her mama and will never know the tenderness of her mother’s touch. She will have pictures, stories, and gossip, all of which will likely be intensely hurtful as she grows. And then there will be the stories of how two men (or more, if you include the attorneys) fought over her for the sake of her money.

It’s incredibly sad to me, and instructive to all of us, if we get past the hub-bub and hype in the mainstream media. The legacy we leave is more than it being about us–it will bless or haunt our descendants as well.

I sincerely hope that Anna Nicole knew God on a personal level and had a relationship with Him. But if she didn’t, maybe she really did trade her soul for what she could hold in her hands during her short lifetime.

I hope not..

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