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I’m pretty thick-skinned and can handle most anything that gets pitched at me. Some things may stick in my craw longer than others, but generally, I bounce back pretty quickly.

And today was a day that struck me as odd–several people flashed judgement and attitude at me out of blue. ❗

I went to a hardware store in the next town over to pick up some wooden stools for the “breakfast bar” area of our kitchen counter–as you may know, I’m a bargain hunter. So when these things went on sale for $13 per stool, it was worth a short drive to pick them up. And as I’m paying for it, the clerk is making small talk and asking/telling Brendan, “No school today, huh?” Brendan piped up, “I am homeschooled!” :) The look of disdain on the woman’s face was quite apparent.


Didn’t expect that one.

I quickly told her that snow days or no, school happens all the time in our home and that there is no break from learning. I don’t really know why I felt compelled to offer *anything*, but I did.

Obviously, we chose to homeschool because we believe it’s the best option for our family at this junction of time and space. We will evaluate annually to see how we’re doing and if there are better options than what we’re doing, but we surely didn’t make the choice based on what a stranger working in a hardware store would think. I guess I found it particularly odd because this area of Michigan touts itself as being so very ‘tolerant’, and yet today was full of intolerance for me.

So on to part two: Someone accused me (and all other straight, married women) of being homophobic because we had a “white wedding” and would encourage our children to do the same.


Once more–with clarity, please.

Yep, that’s what was said. Apparently, the fact that our children might *desire* a white wedding after gazing at our wedding pictures or that we might *desire* a white wedding for them based on our religious beliefs was simply not considered. We are labeled as homophobic. I brought up the point that this person doesn’t know me from Eve, know anything about me, what I do, or who I am. Yet based on how I was married and the fact that I might desire a similar wedding for my children, she was willing to lump me in with people who have hate in their hearts for gay individuals. Those of you who know me know that this simply isn’t me. I found it incredibly and sadly ironic that someone who was pushing for tolerance and acceptance was quick to retract it if you believed differently than she did. But I guess that’s what “tolerance” in this area looks like right now–tolerance for those who are different and agree with a certain political and ideological agenda and intolerance for anyone who doesn’t rubber-stamp that agenda.

Sad, eh?.

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