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Just as Dorothy repeated as she clicked her heels together, there really *is* no place like home. :)

And home we are. We schlepped our stuff from the PODS container to the house on Saturday and slept here on Sunday night for the first time. And it was glorious. I slept like a log–the upper level (bedrooms) are *quite warm* even with the heat turned down to my normal (frugal) 57F. I had no idea how tired I really was and how rested I could be in my own room. :) :::ahhhh:::

But as it takes time to get things set up in a new home (I’m still painting the lower level and waiting to hear back from the carpet guy), the cable company didn’t come out until today for installation. And 3 days with no viable internet connection makes Sue a grumpy girl. So I hiked to various Panera locations in Ann Arbor for a cup of their hazelnut coffee and their free wi-fi and tried to keep up (in the most rudimentary of ways) with email and current events. Even now, the installation of the cable isn’t complete and won’t be for several more days (they have to “wire fish” the wall in one room), so instead of setting up the router and being wireless, I’m wired. But at least I’m online.

We’ve discovered some interesting things about living in the country…not the least of which is our kitchen-visitors. I pulled out a potholder from a drawer last night to find the thumb of the mitt IN PIECES and SHREDDED. Yikes! I asked Mark about it, and he examined the drawer, only to find little telltale droppings from a mouse (or 2). 😮 Both thumbs on both potholder mitts are chewed to bits, and now there’s a container of d-con in the drawer. Don’t even think about emailing me about how horrible it is to put d-con out. I don’t want mice in my kitchen, spreading germs! 😐 And if they die in the walls, I don’t have to deal with a curious 5 year-old and mouse carcass (carci?). Blech. 😛

It’s currently snowing big flakes and Brendan is out playing in the white stuff. I’m in here, having put dinner in the crockpot and contemplating the final coat of paint on the walls in the lower level before I run out of all effective daylight. There are no overhead lights in any of these rooms (I’m going to have someone bid on the work soon), and doing anything in an unfurnished room in the dark is difficult, to say the least. But I’m intensely content. There is much of my life which is up in the air and in the realm of the unknown, but it doesn’t bother me. We’ve got a cute, snug house and it’s becoming more and more “us” with each day of unpacking and collapsing boxes. So content is a good word for me right now…there’s a lot to do, but it’s all good.

Time to go rescue a snow-covered kid and warm him up. :).

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