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Ugh. I just finished wrestling with a silly piece of furniture that the previous owners left in the lower level. It is a small wooden roll-top secretary that was attached to the wall. Okay, so I figured there’d be a couple of brackets and maybe a screw, but it was far more complicated than that.

I got the two brackets and one of the two screws I saw (with a gargantuan amount of effort, I might add) and today I took the power drill to the other screw I couldn’t previously get off the wall. It should’ve come right off the wall, right?


I found 2 MORE screws attached to it and the wall. And lest you think I’m a home-improvement wimp, these were GIGANTIC screws! Easily a quarter-inch in diameter (the actual screw body) and 3 inches long. Ugh.

So I twisted my poor wrist in to oblivion getting the 3rd screw out of the piece, but that fourth one simply wouldn’t budge. 😐 I couldn’t get the drill in the space, as the drill was just a smidge too big for the space I had to remove the screws, so I worked and twisted and yanked until I had about an inch and a half exposed. I couldn’t turn the screw after that point (I had stripped the head by then), but I could get a hammer in there and yank. Or attempt to yank. And I used channel-lock pliers as well…and I ended up yanking the dumb desk off the screw. Which was no mean feat, let me tell you.

But the thing is now down. The previous owners painted around the thing and when they replaced mouldings at the bottom of the wall, they stopped at this dumb little desk. 😮 So there is work back there that Mark now gets to do, and I will patch my holes and paint that final corner this weekend. I’m just glad this thing is off the wall and hope I don’t ache too much tomorrow for all of the pulling, pushing, and straining I did to accomplish the task. 😉.

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