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Ugh. Yesterday was *not* a good day. Being vertical was simply a superhuman effort and I just didn’t have that sort of strength in me. :( It’s always telling when I’m feeling badly enough to have Mark take me to the doctor’s office, and considering I dislike going (intensely) and I haven’t procured doctors for us yet up here (in my own defense, I thought I had more time~), it was even more noteworthy.

So off we trotted to the local urgent treatment center. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. In fact, we waited so long that I literally fell asleep in the exam room. Granted, that was not hard to do as I was able to do not much more than that yesterday, but still…

So the verdict came back as I expected (a sinus infection) and a little bit more (an ear infection). Brendan has an ear infection (happily, we caught it before our usual, “uh-oh…it’s going to rupture…”-stage), and Mark has…a virus. In other words, we get doped up on antibiotics and Mark has the sniffles. :::sheesh::: Actually, he’s got guifenasin (Mucinex) to take, but it’s not doing much for him.

So after making my poor husband trot in to Meijer for our prescriptions (mine, happily, is a z-pack), I took 2 zithromycin tabs and went to bed. And by last night, I was actually mildly hungry (chicken noodle soup and some apple slices) and thirsty. And this morning, I was ravenously hungry, which is highly unusual for me. I took another dose of zith- this morning and found that by this afternoon, I actually had some skip to my step and was feeling pretty darned good. I still have no voice above a hoarse whisper, but I have confidence it will return when the swelling of my larynx goes down.

So tomorrow I lift a paint roller in time to get things moved in for the weekend. At least, this is my hope. The carpet guy comes to measure The Red Room and tell us what the damage will be (we may end up picking a different carpet, based on the price), and I will hopefully have it painted in no short order. At least, this is my hope and goal. 😉 I’ll let you know if reality is different than my hopes later on. 😉.

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