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ugh. The bizarre coughing fit of the weekend at the Potowatomi Inn turned in to something more that literally left me without a voice at all on Monday. And with a fever on Monday night. :( And so I hiked to bed at 6:30pm that night, after bursting in to tears at the dinner table over nothing. And *that*, my friends, is the main symptom for me having a fever. So I dosed with ibuprofen and nyquil (alternating doses) that night and at some point, my fever broke. Mark confirmed this when he told me that he’d put his feet on my calves during the night and my calves were slippery with sweat. 😛 Gross. And Tuesday I woke up with a smidgen of a voice, so things are improving, except my stamina. Which is still in the toilet. And I continue to dose with dayquil, advil, and nyquil–the alternating doses seem to control the sore throat well, and I figure if I keep it up, maybe my swollen lymph nodes will shrink from their current kiwi-fruit-size back down to normal.

I’m hounding the mortgage company to get things done on time for a Friday closing–I hate the idea of losing a whole 2-3 days of painting and working on the place because they mucked up a step and delayed the closing to Tuesday of next week. So I’m crossing everything that can be crossed (finger, toes, hair, etc.), dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ and praying that it actually happens on Friday. But at the moment, I’m having a few moments of optimism and believing that we’ll be homeowners and no longer Nomads as of Friday afternoon. :) .

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