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Okay, maybe not *quite* all of that. With apologies to Prof. Tolkien (if you’re a fan, you’ll recognize these words as belonging to Treebeard the Ent), it seems pretty darned close to that. Maybe “coughing, hacking, wheezing, burning…” are more accurate descriptors of what we’re doing these days. 😮 Whatever I had last week I managed to lick, but I think in the short interim between getting over that and the closing this weekend, Mark managed to give me a head cold. It’s trying to be a sinus infection, but I’m not letting it. So here we go again…dayquil, advil, nyquil, repeat. :::sigh:::

Speaking of the closing, it is done. :) The house is ours and now begins the chores of homeownership–painting, changing locks, recarpeting, new appliances (or at a minimum, deciding priority of the appliances that must be replaced), etc. The closing itself took longer than anticipated, simply because the mortgage company rep tried to pull a fast one on us. 😡 Happily, I had notes that indicated otherwise and made them go back and change the paperwork before it was too late. I’m told this is a relatively common occurrence and that many (most?) people aren’t on their toes enough to catch it and end up with a higher interest rate and monthly payment. :( For those of you who know me well, you know that I genuinely do NOT have a temper that is uncontrollable, but as a natural redhead, I do have a mama-bear in me. ❗ So although I didn’t lose it, I was very firm with them and required them to change what was wrong–simply because it would have negatively affected my family. Which is a dangerous thing to try, considering the previous few sentences.

We are excited about getting set in the house, but understand it will be a process. One which probably won’t make it feel like “home” for a few more weeks, but that’s okay by us. It’s ours and we know that we’re in the right place. Which makes the ‘coughing, hacking, wheezing, and burning’ that we’re doing right now worthwhile…because at least we’re doing it at home. :).

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  • Danielle

    Congratulations!!!!! Missing you in Kentucky. I think about you every Monday morning. 😉


  • sandra407

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.