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Nette and I just returned from a Mama-Hibernation Weekend at Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park. What a great place! It was about 50F when we left and we mistakenly assumed that it would be warmer about 2 hours southwest of Ann Arbor. 😮  Erm…not quite. It was *quite* cold and for those of you who know me well, that says a lot. 😉

It was truly a lovely weekend–quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and restful. We slept like logs (well, I did the first night) because we knew that there were no short people to interrupt our sleep, we knitted, we read, and otherwise lounged around. And if you haven’t been to Ruby Tuesday’s anytime recently, you simply MUST go. We went there for lunch yesterday and aside from their mini burgers being cute as the dickens, they are SO TASTY! 😀 Very yum–I had two mini burgers and the salad bar and was so delighted with the meal.

I also managed to pick up some weird germ that caused a bizarre coughing-fit on Friday night/Saturday morning. :( It made my throat hideously sore, but now that I’m home, I’m dosing with Zicam in case it’s a cold, and Mark is trying to find some Aspergum at the grocery store for this raw gullet I have. :::blech::: I hate this, but honestly, other than the sore throat and some wheezing (for which I’m puffing on the inhaler), I feel pretty decent.

So now we’re up for a new week, looking to closing on the house on Friday afternoon, and it’s snowing. This weekend was so refreshing–I always find that the time away is very much appreciated, but also that it makes me appreciate what I have that much more. So when we were greeted with screams of joy at our return (like the kids missed us *that* much? I think with all the junk food, movies, and late nights they had with the dads’ that we were merely an afterthought…) and the banner they coloured for us, it’s like a breath of fresh air. That and the snow outside now (which has been conspicuously absent in this El Nino winter) is renewing my spirit quite a bit. :) Off to watch the flakes fall and think about paint colours on the walls of my new home. :).

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