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…is fun. And crazy. And fun again. Of course, I understand that much of the ‘fun’ right now is the excitement of buying a home and anticipating paint and decoration details as well as having a Christmas vacation with my boys and Jeanette’s kids as well. And much of that will dissipate in the next month. But right now, it’s a blast! :)

Mark managed to get a visit from Pukey the Clown and his little dog Ralph this week–exactly two days after Brendan’s experience. I went out early on Tuesday to take advantage of after-Christmas-clearance sales (didn’t find much, though) and called back home to have Mark grab the ice-cream cake from the car and pitch it in the freezer before I ran to the grocery for dinner-items. That’s when I got the ill-news-report. 😯 Oddly enough, though, Mark didn’t have what Brendan had–Mark’s was worse in that it didn’t go away as quickly as B’s, but also in that he had a fever with it and it has *wiped him out*. :( He is utterly worn out and still not feeling 100%. I have not gotten it, although I did have a pretty bad night on Christmas Eve after I was in bed. But maybe that was it for me, as I have an extreme aversion to barfing and will do anything and everything to avoid the experience altogether.

We also had the house inspected yesterday and it passed with great fanfare. There were a few things that the inspector advised us to take care of (an outdated and old fuse box), but which has survived well for 25 years and likely will not be a problem in the first few months of occupancy. The one thing he did find that we are asking the owner to fix is the leak from the master-bath shower–it leaks in to the laundry room. Not a bad leak, but still more than what we want to deal with. So we made an addendum to the contract that indicated our desire to have that fixed prior to closing. So hopefully this will be done.

I also took the kids to see “Charlotte’s Web” today. Oh. my. word. What a great movie–and one that was very well done! 😀 Much better than the animated version in the 70s, although I was a bit underwhelmed with Oprah’s acting (I know, sacrilege in today’s society) and thought that Julia Roberts was a bit ‘scriptish’ at parts–it seemed like she was reading the script as opposed to living the lines and character. But those parts aside, Walden Media did a fantastic job with it. High quality, excellent CGI, and altogether a worthwhile experience. Even with the high-priced matinee ticket prices. 😐 $5.75 for a kids’ matinee ticket was a bit over-the-top to my mind. And we ended up bypassing the soda counter when I saw a $3 price-tag on the *small* drinks. Yikes! 😯 I took the kids to McDonald’s afterwards for a sundae and a coke, and still ended up spending less than half of what I would have on drinks alone at the theatre.

So things are gearing up to be wild for a few weeks (leading up to the closing and shortly thereafter) and then steaming back down to a simmer thereafter. Tomorrow is a date-night for Mark and me, and I think we’ll be driving around and doing romantic things like looking at kitchen appliances and making returns. That, and I want to take a gander at what is available for fabric for curtains–I want to consider paint colours and fabric patterns as I plot out the new home. :).

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