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I heard something yesterday that made me think a bit more about my life. It went something like this: At the end of everyone’s life, there is an opportunity to say, ‘I’m glad I did…’ or ‘I wish I had…’. Which really made me reflect for a bit. I want to be able to say “I’m glad I did…” when I’m facing the end of my life on this earth. No matter what it is, I want to invest in people and relationships and not have regrets of “I woulda/shoulda /coulda” in regards to others and the choices I made.

To that extent, I am *really glad* we drove out to see my aunt and uncle. My uncle’s mom died and although I only have vague memories of Mrs. Berch, I wanted to go out to support my uncle. They live out in Oregon and I hadn’t seen him in nearly 18 years or so, but I had seen my aunt about 2 years ago when she was in Indianapolis. The surprise my uncle had at our visit aside, I am really glad we drove the hour+ to be there. We reconnected and spent time talking, and more than anything, it reminded me the importance of family. My aunt had protested in email saying that it was “too far to drive,” but our perspective was that if we were in KY, it would have been too far to drive. Now that we’re in MI, it was only slightly over an hour from Dexter to just north of Mt. Clemens, and it was not too far to drive. Not when people and relationships are involved.


Mark and I are walking away from a house we put an offer on–it went back and forth over several days and although there’s a small difference separating us, it’s more than we as buyers want to deal with. I have really strong feelings toward the house–I like it a lot and I am disappointed. But we need to consider other homes and widen our options a bit more in regards to where we will live. Maybe our walking away will wake the sellers up and that house is meant to be ours. Maybe not. But I need to consider the best thing for my family and budget, and where the sellers are right now isn’t working for us and our income. :( Ah well…it will all work out for the best, but at the moment, we’re back at square-one again. 😐.

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  • http://www.g2c.net Pa Zaah, Brother I never asked for, that guy, hey you,or Isaiah

    I hope my “I am glad I did” far out way my “I wish I had”.

    Know that it still doesn’t seem real. This is probably a good thing since I am facing only 1 actor for most of January and reality can make me lose my breath and break out into hives. I wish you well and know that the house you do get will be more than a house it will feel like home. (if anyone can ever call MI home…wink wink).