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The car-issue, that is. :( Yesterday was the final nail in the coffin that convinced me the car was NOT back to its old self, and so I talked to our mechanic-friend today about it. The preface to that statement is that I gave our friend a copy of the invoice from the “engine rebuild” that showed what the place did and didn’t do last week and he told me that he saw “holes” in what was done, but that he would talk to a couple of GM mechanics and see what they thought.

So I told our friend today about the problems–pressing on the accelerator and not having it accelerate properly (you can hear the engine “whine” and rev at odd levels when you do this; it also revs too fast for a particular speed and that seems to cause a delay in the tranny shifting). He indicated that if there is an odor (there is), it’s likely that (because the head was not resurfaced and they put the old rings back) the engine not being up to snuff has caused premature death of the catalytic converter. And *that* problem could cause the entire engine to overheat and seize again–but that this time it would be worse than last time. However, to get the engine re-worked on and the CC fixed would require an attorney.


Not that I don’t know any attorneys and can’t find a good one to help us out, but [bleep] I just didn’t want to deal with this! I just wanted my car fixed back to the way it was before I went to that stupid oil change place. So I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow and trying to find a good attorney, as well as getting a second and third opinion from uninvolved mechanics regarding the CC and the car’s operation.

And the really stinky thing about this (and I’m not talking about the odor from the catalytic converter, either) is that we’ll have to foot the bill and then press the oil-change company to pay for the CORRECT repairs, attorney’s fees, and the rental car we’ll have to procure for the length of time it will take to fix the engine, which is probably about a week. Ugh. I want to get crackin’ on this, because we are planning on going up to Indianapolis at the end of the month and I want it fixed before then (or at least, have it in the shop and have a rental), as I don’t really want to be stranded on the side of I-65 with my family.

Erg. I’ll post when I have more details, but if you can’t hear the frustration in my voice, just know that it seems to be turning my stomach in knots right now. Erg. 😐.

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