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I’ve not posted in several days because I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I’ve been *swamped* with phone calls, details, and emotional wading…because…


Shock of all shocks…we had a showing (the 5th of the week) on Sunday afternoon. We went to visit friends who were unloading boxes and packing paper to us so we could make ease of packing. And as we were coming back in to town after the showing, I grabbed my phone to make a call–and promptly noticed we’d missed some calls. All from our agent. ๐Ÿ˜•

So I called her and she told us we had an offer, but the buyer’s agent would like to present it to us. So we hightailed it back to the house and actually met the prospective buyers (who are very sweet). We chatted for a few moments about our common interests and the house and they left.

Their agent presented the offer and their requested concessions (half of closing and an allowance for new carpeting and paint), and she left. We talked with our agent and countered by a very small amount and the agents went to work. Tammie came back in with the word that it was accepted and that we’d sold our house. :) ๐Ÿ˜€ :) ๐Ÿ˜€

We were so surprised and shell-shocked at the same time–we sort of stood around with goofy grins on our faces and the realization of what we’d gotten ourselves in to. Of course we made the round of phone calls to family and friends and then the adrenaline started to wear off.

So the past few days have been filled with phone calls to moving companies for bids, quotes, and the research that comes with getting a mortgage pre-approval. When wee built this house (10 years ago), we didn’t have to do any of that–we gave the builder our down payment and he began to build. And before it was completed we realized that we had to find a mortgage, but we just went to our bank and got one. It’s so different now!

Moving-wise, I talked to at least a dozen different movers and compiled the info in to an Excel file. I know, how geeky is *that*? But it was easier to do that and read the results than to comb through pieces of paper with notes and cryptic scribbles. And the final result is that we get the most bang for the buck by using PODS. They’ll drop off a container for us to load and pick it up when we’re ready and then drive it to our destination. They’ll either drop it off at the unloading-point (i.e., a house or apartment) or take it to their local storage facility and await instructions for the delivery. Of course, if we exceed the initial 30 days of storage included with the contract we’ll have to pay for the extra time, but the ease of this is wonderful. It means that we’ll pack and load and then be able to drive up to Michigan at our leisure. And then when we find a home (or apartment) we’ll call and they’ll deliver our “pod” and we’ll unload it. The cost is great in comparison to full-service movers, and it’s much easier (and less costly) than using UHaul or a similar company and having to keep a truck for more than a week and drive, unload, and fuel it ourselves.

As far as the packing, we’ll use those boxes from our friends sooner than we thought! We close on 12.4 and are in Lexington until 12.10, so this will be a whirl of packing and taping for the next 3 weeks. But I’ve got a good start on it already (in preparation to sell), and I’ve got a method to my madness, so I think we’re in good stead there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll keep you posted, but this appears to be the final countdown, as our buyers close on their house on the 21st of this month and everything is a go from their aspect. :).

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