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Well, if I ever thought it was nerve-wracking to prepare my home for a showing to a prospective buyer, it ain’t nuthin’ in comparison to preparing my home for a group of agents! 😮

Our agent is working very hard to market and sell our home (yeah, Tammie!) and asked if she could bring a group of agents by to tour the house. I said yes–why not? But as the week progressed, I realized what a daunting task preparing for those agents was.

The house not only had to *shine*, but it had to *sparkle*. After all, these agents could encourage or discourage any clients they have from seeing the house with a mere, “Oh, you HAVE to see this house!” or a simple, “I don’t think *that* house is what you’re after.” Yikes!

So I prepared like a madwoman, making sure that everything gleamed, candles were lit, and I was able to breathe normally (i.e., not pant so as to indicate how hard I’d been working). The gaggle of agents showed up en masse and toured while I stayed in the front room. They commented on the walls (“ohhh, pretty!”), the carpet (“I love this carpet–I have it in my home!”), and the “beautiful appointments” throughout the home. They asked intelligent questions about the property lines, fencing (or lack thereof), and the play structure in the common-area behind the house.

And then it was over. All of that preparation (they didn’t eat a single cookie I put out for them!) and they were done inside of 10 minutes.

So I collapsed in a heap of exhaustion (I’m also fighting off a cold) and snoozed for a short time while Brendan played quietly in his room. Well, mostly on that last part, but isn’t that what being 4 and outgrowing naps is all about? 😉


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