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So last night was an exercise in organization, keeping my cool, and having one very tired boy who was far too hopped up on sugar. ;o Brendan simply couldn’t wait until he was able to get dressed in his Goliath costume, and I let him put it on after nap. He’d already had a passel-load of candy by that point–every place we went yesterday was handing it out. And his nap was too short, but that’s another story.

So by the time dinner was over and he was ready for handing out candy, he was fidgety and excited beyond belief. And of course, he loved having his face painted. It could be the first time a 4 year-old has worn Bare Escentuals, but it will probably also be his last. He didn’t like not having the freedom to rub his face with his mittened-hands and was happy to wash it all off in the shower. 😉

He waited at the door, sometimes not-so-patiently, to hand candy to kids in paws that made the tootsie rolls and kit-kat bars quite slippery. So I ended up creating “piles” of candy for each kid (generously with 4-5 pieces per pile–quite a haul) so that when there was a mass of them on the doorstep, he could gather it up easily. We probably saw about 40-45 kids (maybe a few more, but not like last year), and still had some pixie stix and other miscellaneous pieces leftover.

And this child was so tired last night that he volunteered to shower and hit the hay early–before “official” trick-or-treat time was up. He fell in to bed and we never heard a peep from him, and happily, he was a *happy* and *well-behaved* boy today. Of course, he got candy today (50% off at the stores) because he didn’t go door-to-door, but even with the added temptation of all that sugar in the house, he did really well. :)

My treatise on trick-or-treating is this (and why we’ll not let our kids do it): all year long, we tell our kids not to talk to strangers, not to take candy from strangers, and never to go to a stranger’s house. One day per year, we suspend all reality and tell them it’s okay to do everything we’ve warned them against, as if those who would mean to harm children have put aside their cruel, twisted intentions. 😯 Unh-unh. Not a chance. So in order to make sure my kids don’t feel ripped-off, they may dress up in something non-scary and hand out candy, but their candy will be bought in plenty the day-after at a discount. It’s a win-win for them and for me. We get to show love and kindness to the neighborhood kids with our generosity, the kids get to hand it out and dress up, and then they get the pick of the store the next day (and don’t think that Brendan didn’t *clean up* today! :roll: )–all while Mama gets to save some money. :mrgreen: 😉

Oh yeah…check out the pictures in the Flickr box to the right–you’ll see all the little neighbor kids dressed up and the fun we had.  :).

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