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Sort of.

The Saturn is back, but I’m not convinced it’s 100% yet. The engine did indeed seize, and the repair shop did several things, not the least of which was rebuilding part of the engine. But they didn’t send the head out to be checked and didn’t test the internal pressure of the engine–both of which should (ostensibly) be done when a motor seizes up. So I’m still in process of sorting this all out. There is some weird “gurgling” noise that is coming from the engine compartment too (in front of the firewall)–they happen when I accelerate, and it sounds like the sloshing sound your stomach can make if you drink too much water at any given time. 😮

And the car stinks. I mean literally. It reeks. There’s oil underneath, there is oil coming out of the tailpipe (dripping out), and my bionic nose knows it all. 😐 I’ve always had a bionic nose, as do both of my sisters, and apparently I’ve given it to Brendan, too. So smells like this are quite offensive and are hard for me to get out of my sinuses–even if they’re gone (or I’m in the house), I actually think I can still smell it. Weird, huh?

I called around yesterday and found a car wash place that thinks it can do the job of cleaning the undercarriage, but I want to make sure that Valvoline will pay for it first. Although the cost is expensive ($40), it’s not outrageous, and it won’t break our bank. However, since my only mistake was going to Valvoline in the first place, I have a hard time reconciling paying $40 for a car wash that I wouldn’t need under any other circumstance. Additionally, I’m kind of thinking that they probably ought to refund my $33 for the oil change to begin with–unless that’s just too petty. I lean towards thinking it’s the right thing for them to do, but I’m not set on requesting a refund yet. It’s my hope that they’ll give me a call and let me know a refund has been issued and any car wash I obtain to clean up their mess will be reimbursed, but my phone is strangely silent. So we’ll see.

Time to get a certain 4 y/o to nap–and to get some more work done. Might as well make hay while the sun shines, eh? 😉.

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