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We’re in Dexter, although Mark and I began to question if we would *ever* get here. 😮

I began by finishing up trip-prep on Friday afternoon, which included some miscellaneous errands and getting the oil changed. So I went to a ‘quick-change’ place that I’ve been to several times over the last few years and got the oil changed. Everything was going as planned…a little behind schedule, but still as planned.

I live approximately 3 miles from the oil-change place, and before I even reached the subdivision, I was having problems. Not just small problems, but SEVERE problems. My oil-light came on and the car stalled. This car is going on 8 years old and it NEVER stalls. EVER. I stopped, put it in park and restarted it. I called the oil-change place to indicate there was a problem (after all, when they change the oil and fill ‘er up, the oil light shouldn’t come on). The instruction was to turn around and head back to the shop, which I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t get more than a quarter-mile before I coasted to the shoulder and my car DIED. 😡

So another call to the shop that changed the oil with the diagnostic-issues that were going on, a call to Mark (who *thankfully* had Elizabeth’s extra car from when we took care of their kids), and some controlled-breathing to keep from freaking out. I was worried about the car (more about the vacation this promised to destroy), concerned that dinner would burn (we were supposed to take it over to friends’ house), and mad. But I kept it in check–it was the sort of capper to a day that made me realize if I didn’t laugh about it, I would cry. :(

The short of it is that the car is disabled. It will be diagnosed, but there’s a chance my engine seized due to a lack of oil–oil that was pouring out of my car/oil filter/whatever and ended up leaving a trail on the road and a haze about a quarter-inch thick on my back windshield. Oil should NEVER be *there*, and yet it was. The oil-change shop towed my car and had to procure us a rental vehicle, and it will be more than a week until they determine what went on and how to fix it. I hope it’s not a seized engine and is just an auto-protect from GM that the engine wouldn’t turn over (to save the engine from seizing if there’s no oil in it), but there’s a niggling in the back of my brain that says I’d better be prepared to face the worst. 😐

The upside is that the oil-change shop is paying for the rental and we’re on vacation now, but it took *forever* to get on the road yesterday. We intended to leave by 8:30am and didn’t pull out of the driveway until nearly 1:30pm. A friend of mine graciously loaned us their portable DVD player, so that really helped Brendan out–he got to watch a new Koala Brothers DVD and was deeply engrossed in that. Which made the trip shorter for him and quieter for us, without the ubiquitous “Are we there yet?” questions.

We rejoiced last night that the Tigers made it to the World Series (something that hasn’t happened since I was a young girl), and then watched Michigan beat Penn State, although the latter was a hard-fought win. And we unwound and rested.

This morning we hiked to Westwinds Community Church and enjoyed a wonderful time of worship and refreshing. We met an amazing lady whom I’d spoken to on the phone earlier in the week and she connected us with one of the pastors who is going to launch a satellite congregation in Ann Arbor next year. The amount of “God-incidences” involved in this morning’s events are amazing…and I have goosebumps when I think about it. We’re so happy to have made the connection and found some people who have a heart for the area where our hearts are…it will be amazing to see how God works out the details and what He puts together. But I shake my head, smile, and get teary when I think about this actually coming to fruition–it’s been 5 years since the acceptance of the vision for Mark and me, and sometimes it has seemed like we’d never know how to put legs to our vision and what our hearts yearn to do.

Anyhow…since we also stopped in at Swan Creek Candles yesterday and picked up my 35 pounds (kidding! sort of.) bulk wax and wicks, I have candle-making to do on this glorious fall afternoon with jazz playing in the background. If it gets any better than this, I’m hard-pressed to say. 😉.

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