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In the process of getting chores done this week, Brendan has taken an active interest in vacuuming. He’s been curious and loves to change the attachments when I’m vacuuming the kitchen floor, but this is the first time he’s been brave enough to run the machine on his own. He plugged it in, picked up his stuff on the floor, and proceeded to vacuum. For a 4 year old, he did a great job. Heck, for an older child he did a great job! :)

He would stop and start the machine regularly as he manuevered it, and he consistently had his tongue out, concentrating. It was cute, but more than that, it was an amazing thing to me, as a little more than 15 months ago, that little thing wasn’t even possible. Before his frenectomy, he couldn’t use his tongue as a ‘concentration device’, and he wasn’t able to speak clearly at all. What a difference a snip of frenem brought! He talks up a storm (as he chatters in the background even now) and sticks out his tongue at all intersections of life. 😉

Check out the Flickr pics to the right; I’m going to start posting pictures there, thanks to a wonderful new digital camera that makes me want to take pictures of anything and everything all over again. 😉 So you can always see the current images from our household and adventures on the Flickr account (next up: pictures of Michigan Adventures in Fall!)..

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