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I have been waiting for the season premiere of “Lost” since last season’s bizarre season finale. It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting for answers to questions (‘who the heck are the others?’ and ‘why the list and the apparent kidnapping of some of the castaways?’).

Ugh. I think I’ll have to wait for my answers. This episode is great, but it’s giving me more questions than answers. 😐 What’s all the cryptic talk about the ‘next two weeks being very unpleasant’ to Kate? How the heck do these people know so much about the people their holding in custody? And this guy (Ben) who’s in charge of ‘the others’ is so creepy I can hardly stand it…those eyes and his creepy all-knowing statements…

Sure wish there were some answers for me, even if they were ‘gimmes’. 😉.

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  • http://360.yahoo.com/housetreen Sarah

    I feel the same way!! I was ready for some answers, and all I got was even more confusion. It was a good episode. Left me feeling kind of “eh” though. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the rest of the cast. I liked the new chica they have with Jack though . . . but I agree, not terribly fond of Ben/Henry . . . and is it just me, or did is seem like the blond chick and Ben used to be an item?