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I was just talking to a friend who relayed information about a local school in our neck of the woods. Apparently, this school is about 25 years behind the times and current understanding about looking past the outside of individuals. 😐

Case in point: someone can look completely “normal” on the outside, exactly as society expects them to act, dress, style their hair, etc., and be completely different on the inside. External ‘obedience’ (for lack of a better word) does not in any way indicate that the heart is where it should be or that the outward indicators have been internalized. Conversely, someone can look completely non-traditional and appear to be completely ‘rebellious’ on the ouside and yet have a heart that is tender and motivations that are pure.

In the Bible, God tells us that man looks on the outside, but He considers the heart. One would think that this particular verse would be in active application at a school that professes to be an institution that loves and honours God. But that’s what one would get for thinking, in this instance. 😐

What concerns me (and quite frankly, pisses me off greatly) is that instead of embracing individuality and teaching students that whatever their particular niche, they have a place in this grand scheme of life and God’s work in our world, the school seems intent on creating people who are more concerned with externals than internals. And most of us know that while you can spray paint a leopard, his spots are still under the spray paint. So why not teach and preach how much God loves everyone, no matter what they look like, how they dress, or how they style their hair?

That would my question to the administration and leadership at this particular institution. And I might actually pose the query to them in person, given the right circumstances and timeframe. I honestly believe that the future of the church (as a whole) is wrapped up in being able to see what and how God sees people and valuing them the same way He does. I hope this institution hasn’t lost site of that..

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