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I think I’d gotten complacent about selling the house. So far, no calls, no showings (other than the empty open house), and no worries, right? Until today, that is.

Scene setting: my friend Elizabeth was over, I was giving her 9.5 month-pregnant feet a pedicure, our kids were napping, and there were TOYS everywhere. The phone rings. Sue nonchalantly answers it.

Sue: Hello?

On the other end is our real estate agent.

Agent: I’ve got an unexpected client this afternoon and I’m going to see if he’d like to see your home.

Sue: (gulping quietly, forcing a smile) Great! When will you be here?

Agent: Well, it’s not for sure, but if he wants to see it, I’ll call you about 3:30 [20 minutes from the time of the call].

Sue: (trying to contain the anxiety in her voice) Okay! I’ll wait to here from you, but we’ll be ready!

At that point, Elizabeth and I forget all opportunity for chatting, knitting, and finishing the poor woman’s pedicure. She starts picking up toys and I rush to the kitchen to wash the lunch dishes. Brendan gets up, Callie gets up, and they begin dusting–with cookies in their hands. 😉

Fortuitously, I had baked cookies this morning (for Elizabeth & Callie!), and had vacuumed earlier. Of course, it didn’t prevent me from vacuuming *again*, but by that point, Elizabeth had corralled the kids in her van and driven off to pick up her oldest child from the bus. She was waiting with phone in hand for my call, should I hear from the agent.

I heard from her…and had about 10 more minutes. I wrapped up the vacuum, called Mark and Elizabeth, and began to run around with a lit match, lighting tealights and making sure that everything was in place. I said a quick prayer that the vent cover wouldn’t fall off the microwave in my absence (it fell down last night and I meant to Gorilla Glue it up today, but ran out of time). We walked out to Elizabeth’s van as my agent was walking in with the client. PHEW! :)

I got a call from our agent later that the client liked our house (he was scouting for a relative who is moving here from Florida) and that there’s another showing in the morning. So as my dinner plans were shot to heck (not enough time to complete the meal in the time that remained after hearing from our agent), we made impromptu plans for an appetizer-meal at Applebee’s and hit the road. And I threatened my poor child under pain of death against making any messes between dinner and the time we had to vacate tomorrow morning. 😮 Bad mama!! 😆

Hopefully we’ll have some movement on the house and showings based on these two, but I’m also aware that we may have more visitors and no offers, too. .

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