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Nettie & I planned a one-night getaway in Dayton a few months ago as sort of a last-hurrah to summer for the kids and us. :) So today was the day of departure, and *never* has the drive from Lexington to Dayton seemed LONGER!! 😮 Seriously–it didn’t quite take us 3 hours (not bad, considering the last time it was over 3 to the same general area), but ohmyword…those were possibly the longest three hours I’ve ever driven! Nette made the reservations via Travelocity a while back, but we knew that check-in was as 3:00pm.

The rooms weren’t ready at 3pm. Okay, so we ran to Michael’s to try to find the right yarn for my next knitting project. Did that, came back. It’s 4:15pm. The rooms *still* aren’t ready. Hmmm…well, I guess we camp out in the lobby and let the kids swim in the hotel pool (after all, they weren’t offering us a refund for the hours that we weren’t able to settle in and make our mini-trip a vacation!). 5:00pm rolls around. Still not ready. But *a room* is ready–just not the one we reserved and not adjoining and oh, not non-smoking. Do we want that one?

Errrmm…no. I want the rooms we reserved that are adjoining and non-smoking, but in the absence of the adjoining part, I’ll take two non-smoking rooms that are next to each other. Finally, at 5:30pm, the rooms are ready. By this time, we’re all doing a slow-boil. I’m a relatively patient woman. And I’m more than willing to be gracious and give grace when things aren’t quite ready when promised. After all, stuff *does* happen. And not always that which we can control.

But 2.5 hours?!? Even my willingness to let things slide a bit and be gracious is waning at that point. The interesting thing will be to see where Nette gets with the “Travelocity Guarantee” that they tout on television ads and on their website. She is waiting until she gets home and has all of her paperwork and words in order before she gets to munch on some heiney for lunch, but it will be interesting in this day and age of disappearing customer service to see if she gets lame excuses or an apology backed up with some sort of gratuity or partial-refund. I’ll post when there’s a resolution; if a company does something right, I’m more than happy to let it be known. And vice-versa.

On the up-side, we are enjoying each other’s company and fully intend to use the time we have left to talk, catch up, and romp a bit. :).

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