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Remember our hotel problems in Ohio over Labour Day? We have resolution. Well, sort of. While Nette and I were hoping for a complimentary trip to Tahiti for our troubles, we did recognize that this probably wouldn’t be our consolation gift. In reality, I was hoping that they’d comp one of the rooms we had, considering a good portion of that first night was spent camping out in the hotel lobby and not in our rooms. Nope, didn’t get that, either. 😐 Instead, Nette got a $50 voucher for a *two night* stay someplace, and (of course) it had to be booked through Travelocity. :( That’s the extent of the “Travelocity Guarantee” that we saw. I’m pretty disappointed–I would have hoped for more from Ramada, too. But I guess in this day of disappearing customer-service, $50 off is the best we could do. Bummer. :(


You may remember my gravitational pull toward coconut oil and all of my research that took me there. Well, I just decided to give coconut flour a whirl, too. :) It’s not traditional “flour,” but it’s similar in texture to regular flour. It’s made of finely ground coconut meat (the white part in the coconut) and is unsweetened and quite fibrous. You can make recipes from straight coconut flour, but most people substitute up to 25% in regular recipes (in other words, use 1/4 cup of coconut flour and 3/4 cup of regular flour in a recipe that calls for 1 cup of regular flour). It adds a great source of fibre and lowers the content of digestible carbohydrates greatly, which makes it wonderful for people like me. :)


I’m also set to try Agave Nectar, which is a low glycemic-index sweetener (32 out of 100) that is all natural (comes from the plant used to make tequila) and less-sweet than sucrose. It can also be substituted in baking and cooking and supposedly dissolves well in cold drinks as well. So that will be an interesting thing to try–it’s relatively inexpensive and as it is natural, has none of the concerns that artifical sweeteners have. I’ll post again when it shows up and I’ve had a chance to make a decision, but if it doesn’t affect me (negatively) as sucrose does, then that’ll be a great thing. :) It’s touted as being great for those who are limiting carbohydrates and moderating sugar consumption, which describes me well. Although I’m probably more on the “extreme limiting” side of sugar consumption than the “moderation” side of it, but that’s just me. 😉.

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