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The weekend is over already? How is *that* possible? I hardly know where the time went, although I’m quite sure I participated in its flight.


I have eaten far too many Tums and Advil tablets in an attempt to relieve my body of excess stress and strain this weekend…I am one who treasures peace and doesn’t look for extra strife anywhere. And yet sometimes, it finds me unwarranted. :( I help to moderate certain adoption-lists on the web, and this weekend, I’ve been cleaning up the leftover mess from a nuclear meltdown. :( Apparently, the people who did this have done it on other lists as well (something I didn’t know beforehand) and while their intents were noble, the words and actions that contained those intents were less-than. 😐 All attempts at quelling said discussion failed and people ignored messages typed by the mod(s) in all caps, asking for the topic to stop. Strong feelings are one thing, but when there is an utter lack of respect for those in charge and the authority that comes with that position, well, “That’s a different story,” as Brendan likes to say. :(


We found out on Friday that the real estate office mistakenly listed us as having an open house on Sunday, despite agreeing that we weren’t ready for that at this point (maybe not at all). So our agent gave us the option of having it or cancelling, and we figured that although we hadn’t intended it, it wouldn’t hurt to have it. After all, while it might not’ve been *our* plan, it could’ve been *God’s* plan. So we put some last minute touches on the house, I baked cookies and chocolate-chip-pumpkin bread (okay, it sounds gross, but it’s quite tasty!), and threatened Brendan with death if he didn’t pick up after himself.

My friend Elizabeth offered to take Brendan home with her after church yesterday so he could play and nap with her kids while we went out during the open house. And since it’s been forever since I’ve had a date with my husband, I took her up on it. 😉 So B ate, napped, and played with the Leonard kids, and Mark & I set out and lit new candles, put the “smooth music” playlist on iTunes (to play in the great room), and said “hasta” to our agent. And we went to a movie. 😀


Speaking of going to the movies, if you have yet to see “The Illusionist,” get thyself to the theatre NOW. It is *fabulous*. Set in turn-of-the-century Balkans (Hungary/Austria/Czechoslovakia), it’s beautiful all the way around. Based on a short story by Stephen Millhauser, the Neil Burger film is exquisite in scenery, shooting, and story-telling. I’m not going to spill the beans here, but beyond being a wonderful love story, it’s suspenseful enough for guys to walk away and think, “Eh…that wasn’t a chick-flick!” Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and Paul Giamatti (of whom I cannot speak highly enough in this film!) star and make it a movie that I want to own on DVD. :) It’s well-worth your money and happily enough, there isn’t a curse word to be found in it. I always appreciate a great movie that doesn’t have any unnecessary junk in it. :).

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