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Well, we’re putting the finishing touches on the house this week; power-washing the deck (yes, I know if you’re not careful you can damage the wood…I won’t do that!), re-mulching the front garden, getting copies of the gas bills, etc. Small things like that are easily done and put the ‘extra care’ in to the showing of our house. Staging aside, if you make it as easy as possible for new owners to move in, they may be more likely to buy. So that’s what we’re hoping for–someone to realize how easy we’ve made it for them to purchase and move in to this house and to be willing to plop down the cash. :)

We’ve already been asked what we’ll do if the house sells quickly. The easy answer is ‘we’ll move.’ But the more complicated part of this is *how* and *where*. We know the general “where” of the equation (the Ann Arbor area), but the “how” and specific “where” is as of yet unknown. This whole listing-scenario is one of faith for us. While we know we must sell the house in order to move (because Publisher’s Clearinghouse hasn’t come to knock on our door yet with a massive surprise check), we don’t have a rock-solid job lined up in MI yet. We know that we’re doing what God wants us to do, but we don’t know when He’ll give us our next answer (or how). So for those who aren’t used to taking giant leaps of faith, this probably seems weird and maybe even a bit reckless. But I have a firm belief that faith *is* a bit reckless. We shouldn’t be in our comfort zone when we’re doing what God is asking us to do–it’s a wild and wooly thing, this faith-bit is. So we’re trusting and (believe it or not) not worrying about it. We are, however, praying for the right people to buy our house and for God to speed those buyers along. 😉

I’m also sewing a few last things this week before I pack my sewing machine away for moving…one last valance that I’ve been meaning to make, and a holder for my knitting needles. I tried to shorten some too-short pants in to capris last night and found that my two spools of black thread were older than they should’ve been and continually broke in the machine. 😡 The other threads I used were just fine, so I knew it wasn’t my sewing machine tension or something like that. Ah well…

Our coffepot also went kaput this week–argh! It was the second of its kind (Black & Decker coffee maker), and the second one in a row that konked out in less than a year. :( The first one was replaced while under warranty (I had to snip off the plug-end and mail it to the manufacturer with a check for $7), and this replacement died inside of 9 months as well. It does get daily use, but only one pot per day. So I don’t expect it to croak so darned quickly. Needless to say, I didn’t buy another B&D machine this time–we’re trying out the Hamilton-Beach Brew Station , and so far, so good. I like the fact that it is sleek and streamlined (no pot to wash or worry about breaking), and Mark noticed this morning that it’s incredibly *quiet*. Which is really nice. I didn’t even realize he’d put coffee on to brew, it was so quiet. :) Here’s hoping we have better luck with this one than with others we’ve had….

Speaking of replacement items, I finally called Rival back about the broken crock-pot liner that they were supposed to send me back in MAY. 😮 They did send one (it broke while cooking in the heating unit), but it showed up at my door in about 67 little pieces. Literally, the UPS guy set it down and it *rattled* when he put it on the stoop. So he took it back and I called Rival to explain the situation. I was told that this particular item was out of stock until August 15, and that they would ship it to me automatically. Well, September is here, and I still don’t have a replacement liner. So I called them and was told that yes, they’d ship it out to me, but they’d have to charge me $6 for shipping, because “shipping isn’t covered under the warranty.” I protested, reminding them that the first time they shipped a replacement crock to me, there was *no charge*, but that it had shown up broken from the warehouse. I sat on hold for a while and the CSR came back and told me that there would be no charge for the liner or shipping, and that it would be here in 7-10 days. So we’ll see how we do this time around. I’ve got another crockpot, but I’m tellin’ ya…I’m ready to ditch the Rival brand of this appliance for something that is more reliable and has better customer service. This whole ‘broken crockpot story’ has been one major headache for me, and although I’m a reasonable woman, the customer service end of it hasn’t made it any better. 😐.

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  • Sarah

    Saw your house on lbar. The listing looks great, but as someone who just bought a house, you need to have interior pictures on the web. That is one of the major things that made me want to look at the house in person!


  • Sarah

    never mind, i had checked it the other day and there were only outside pictures, but now there are quite a few more. . . it looks great!