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Our second showing of the house was late this morning, so we vacated to get lunch and run to the store. When we returned, we had a verbal offer and told our agent that if she put it in writing, we’d talk turkey. The offer was completely lowball, but we figured it gave room for negotiations.

So after my shoe-shopping/exchanging ritual (hey, I don’t care *what* it was–I was blissfully *alone*! 😉 ), I called our agent and she came over with a written offer. So we countered with a price that suggested we were open to negotiating, but that we weren’t giving away the farm. And we told our agent that if it went much lower than what we countered with, that was fine, but the appliances were being pulled from the contract.

So we signed (initialled, really) our lives away and she went off to talk to the prospective buyer. She called a little bit later saying that the buyer walked away and wasn’t really that interested afterall.

Which was (honestly) fine by us. We want to sell our home and are willing to talk with anyone, but we are not giving the place away, and her initial offer was f-a-r under what the appraisal will be.

So we continue to live in this strange juncture of limbo–ready for change and to move, but also slightly maudlin at the same time. We’re holding on to our faith for a good, interested buyer who is willing to negotiate and is willing to pay a fair price. And of course, details will emerge and be blogged upon when we have them. 😉.

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