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Did you hear the one about when Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie will marry? No, seriously–it’s not a joke. Well, maybe it is, in the whole scope of things. Pitt has been quoted as saying that the two will not marry until everyone is permitted to marry.

It sounds noble enough, if you’re a non-thinker. “Everyone” is pretty broad for me, though. Should “everyone” include humans and animals? Adults and minors? Immediately-related family members (remember, I live in the south!)? I’m quite sure he didn’t mean all of that, but that’s where you go when you make some broad, dumb statement like that.

Maybe I’m more picky than Jolie is. But if my boyfriend/father-of-my-kids said that we would marry when it was legal for everyone to marry, I’d be pretty pissed. Honestly. It sounds like a huge, “Oh, honey…why do we have to ruin the good thing we have by making it official?” cop-out. I’m not her biggest fan and I’ve never really cared for him that much, but I really thought that she was more discerning than that–to hook up with someone who thinks he can legislate social change through a boycott of a cultural institution. Guess I was wrong.

So what exactly does that say for Pitt’s previous marriage? Was he not that discerning? Or did his first wife not deserve the “commitment” that he’s showing his current love? Was she less worthy than Jolie and therefore he didn’t make the absurd statement he did? Personally, I think she got the better end of the deal…she’s free & clear and not obliged to explain idiotic statements that her ex-husband makes.

I don’t know why this riled me so much–maybe because I don’t see Pitt doing more than giving some face-time to causes that he supposedly cares about. Oh, I know he’s involved in things, but I see him about more when there’s a movie to be plugged or something in it for him. Maybe it hacks me because he won’t stand up and be the man and father that his kids need him to be. Or his girlfriend/mother-of-his-kids needs him to be. I wouldn’t settle for less than that, but I guess that’s why I’m not famous like Angelina Jolie..

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