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I’ve been following the adoption-journey of one couple who are now in China, receiving their daughter. And as I read the post from them on meeting their daughter and the orphanage workers who cared for her, I got weepy.

I admit–I’m weepy a lot these days. But hormones and life-changes notwithstanding, I am so incredibly happy for this family–God knitted their family together across miles and against all probability (to the human mind), and their daughter will not face a hopeless future in a country with few opportunities and a life of institutionalization. She now has a home and parents who love her–they are hopelessly head-over-heels for their little girl! It is not only sweet, but heart-moving.

I’m happy for all new families and all babies who are born and given a chance to have a life full of promise and possibility. I guess the adoption-built families move me more to extreme emotion because I know someday *I’ll* be doing the same thing and relating the details of meeting our children for the first time. And I think it’s more poignant because I can somehow put myself in the place of the child who had less-than-nothing and will receive everything in the form of a loving family. :)

I’ve got pretty strong beliefs about how those who profess faith allowing God to open their hearts to the plight of orphans, but that’s another post. In the meantime, I’m just incredibly joyous, living in my vicarious happiness for this new family. 😀.

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