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Most areas of the country, be they big or small, probably tend to think of themselves as bigger than they are and as pretty hoppin’ places. Lexington is no different in that regard; not much that is truly ‘newsworthy’ takes place around here, but for those who are natives, it is *the* place for all things worthwhile (and quite a happenin’ place, if you ask them).

But this weekend saw a truly tragic and newsworthy event take place in little ole’ Lexington…Comair flight 5191 crashed just minutes after takeoff, killing 49 of 50 onboard. It’s beyond sad to me–the scope of something like this is so large and the sadness is so vast that it almost boggles my mind. At that point, because I didn’t know anyone personally, it’s almost easier to categorize it in a that-didn’t-happen-around-here-section-of-non-reality. But reality is so different than that.

Right now, the NTSB is focusing on the potential cause of the disaster. Did the pilot lose his bearings and get on the wrong runway? Was there inclement weather that affected the plane’s take-off and trajectory? Yet all of those things have so little bearing on how I’m processing the event and the massive loss of life.

I think of the newlywed couple who said their vows on Saturday and were off to their honeymoon on Sunday morning. They never had a chance to have a rocky time in their relationship–and they never expected the day they pledged themselves to each other to be their last full day on earth. And then I hear of the mom and daughter who were in the area to buy a horse. The mom got bumped off the flight that crashed and told her daughter, “Don’t worry–we’ll catch up in Atlanta.” Yet that was not to be. I cannot imagine what the families are going through–the sole survivor is in critical condition at a local hospital. I can’t conceive of what the grief and guilt must be like for that mom, or if any of the surviving family members had cross words with their loved ones who are no longer living and wish they could have made different decisions or reconciled before it was too late.

I guess this is one of the times when I lean heavily on my faith. Between the loss of Emily Grace and my grandfather this year, the grief is so very fresh in my mind and heart. And I don’t have more answers now than I did last October when it all began for my family–but I do know that God’s love is constant and consistent and has held us up through these times. And I can pray for those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones now–that they can hold tightly to the One Who can sustain them, too..

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