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Things continue to chug along around here; I packed 5 boxes today (Mark gets to schlep them to the garage, however), and we pruned the honey locus tree in the front yard quite severely. We did the same thing last year and the darned tree grew like crazy in the past year… I guess it liked being pruned! It looks much better (you can actually walk under it like a normal human adult instead of a normal chimpanzee adult) and hopefully will contribute to the whole ‘curb appeal’ of our home. :)

Mark also picked up my wedding set from the jeweler’s today–he switched out the main diamond in the set and I don’t think I’ve looked at my wedding rings this much since he proposed! 😉 It doesn’t look *that* different; in fact, you’d probably not know it’s different unless you were used to looking at my rings. But to my eyes, it looks hugely different and sparkles and shines more than it ever has. :) And reminds me what a wonderful man I married. :::smoooch:::

I’ve also tried to set up a home network today–to moderate success. I think I’m running in to walls because you have to set permissions for each and every folder on the network, instead of the parent-folder or area on the drive you’re networking. I’m not completely sure, so I’ll continue to monkey around and hope that I’m not doing any permanent damage. 😮

And on the parenting front, Brendan is on restriction. Ever since we returned from our vacation, his sleeping has been off and his behaviour has been significantly less than good. :( I’m trying to isolate the issue, but it’s been bad enough in the last few days that we’ve removed multiple freedoms at once. We’re trying to make sure he gets more sleep (a main issue, in our experience with him) and removing other distractions and potential sources where misbehaviour might be observed (the TV is a main suspect, although we watch him like a hawk and very carefully monitor the few programs he’s permitted to see). And reminding him of his obligation to obey us, just as we (as his parents) are obliged to obey God. And of course, we’re praying like crazy that this is a short-lived boundary-testing-time and that we’ll all survive. Right now, my sanity and his life are in question…and they’re not exceptionally far removed from each other. 😮 Although it would be highly effective to remove his computer and homeschooling time (as he begs me to “do homework” every day), I simply cannot do that–it would be entirely counterproductive to his learning and send a message I’m not willing to send. So we look for continued motivators for our kid. I’d love to post tomorrow that everything is better, but I think that might be a little ambitious. 😉.

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