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Some of you may remember my hunt for the holy grail of oil (see here) and that I’d settled on coconut oil as the best option for my family. Regardless of what the major “drive-by” media said, I was satisfied that I had made the best decision I could, and I was sticking by it. I’m generally not someone who needs the approval of others for my decisions, especially if I have done my due diligence and research. But it is nice (when it happens) to be validated and proven right.

So yesterday, I was listening to talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, in case my ‘drive by media’ reference was too veiled) and Rush was talking to a caller about the Food Police and nanny-states controlling and dictating what we eat, etc. The caller seemed to be desiring a government that tells us what foods are acceptable and what aren’t and then policing individuals. Rush reminded the caller of the (ever-so-lovely, IMO) Center for Science and the Public Interest and their “food policing” and “warnings.” Remember them? They’re the ones who say that Chinese food will kill you, Mexican food will kill you, movie-theatre popcorn will kill you, etc. The only thing they succeed in killing is our joy, but that’s another post. Anyhow, the reason movie-popcorn will “kill you” according to the CSPI is that it is often made with coconut oil. Oh, the horrors! 😉 Anyhow, Rush told the caller that now we know coconut oil is actually a very “clean” oil and quite healthy for us…something that I’ve known (and others, like the Weston Price Foundation have known) for some time now.

Like I said, it’s nice to be validated, but I never needed the validation in the first place–it’s just frosting on the cake. 😉.

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