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Okay, this will be an unabashed love letter to the developers at Mozilla. I am a recent convert to their software and as I’ve downloaded Firefox and Thunderbird to the desktop computer this morning, I’ve found even more to be excited about. 😀

For those of you who may not be aware, Firefox is an alternative browser to Internet Explorer and is inherently safer than IE. It’s also very user-friendly and intuitive (important for those of us who despise reading directions!) and there are user-created add-ons which make the whole browsing experience better and easier.

Dear Mozilla Developers:

Thank you for creating a product which makes internet useage and browsing so much more secure and fun! I’m cataloging some of the things I like best about your product and the add-ons which I find very useful.

I love ‘tabbed browsing,’ and the ability to flip back and forth between sites in the same window. As I build web pages and learn new scripting, it’s incredibly helpful to not have to toggle between browser windows and forget which one is which.

Some add-ons that I find very useful: a Gmail aggregator (not the right word, but it works). I can keep all of our Gmail accounts at the click of my mouse without having to toggle between accounts and re-login. I *love* this! 😀 I also love the weather add-on. I can keep track of current weather conditions without the instability that most of the weather programs (that run on your desktop) have. We’ve cycled through all of the desktop programs and uninstalled all of them due to their proclivity to crashing. Although that could be a Microsoft problem, we found it irritating. This add-on runs in the status bar at the bottom of the browser and doesn’t have any desktop application at all. :)

I think the add-on I love *the most* is the FoxMarks Synchronizer. As I work between the laptop and desktop, this tool is invaluable to me. You create an account and it will sync your bookmarks (favourites) between as many computers as you install Firefox and FoxMarks on. So no more trying-to-remember-what-the-URL-is or going-between-two-computers-just-to-find-what-I-want. This makes the whole switch of browsers worthwhile to me.

I’m going to tweak Thunderbird (Mozilla’s version of Outlook Express) for the desktop today and see how that goes, but I don’t anticipate problems with it, if it’s anything like Firefox. :) I am highly impressed with the humility of you, the developers, and your willingness to allow users to create add-ons (for free) that improve their original product. If there is something like that within the Microsoft culture, I’m not aware of it.

Thank you again for creating such a great product. I am pleased to ‘Browse Happy’ and the changes in my browsing experience have made me more efficient in my time online.




Okay, this ends my love letter to Mozilla’s developers. If you are curious, I’ve got a link (with the graphic “browse happy”) at the bottom of my sidebar. There is no benefit to me if you click here, but I promise you, you’ll love Firefox and the alternative to Internet Explorer–you won’t regret making the switch! :).

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