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[honking as I blow my schnozz]


[grabbing an icepick and seriously considering shoving it through my cheek to relieve the pressure in my sinuses…]

Okay, without being overly melodramatic (although I may have already crossed that line), ragweed is back in our area. Ordinarily, I suffer through my year-round allergies with the spurts of severe seasonal allergies with a reasonable amount of aplomb, if I do say so myself. But as of yesterday, the pressure in my sinuses was beginning to put pressure on my brain, and right now, I just can’t spare the extra loss of mental function. 😮 So I popped some pain relievers (almost unheard of for me) and figured it would pass. Unh-unh…it’s ragweed. And as we approach September, I know it will only get worse. :( So I’m hopeful that the rain which is predicted for our area this weekend will wash a good portion of the pollen away and I’ll have a few days of no pain and I’ll stop looking longingly at the icepick in the kitchen, contemplating how to stop the bleeding if I were to actually shove it through my cheek. 😮


Nette sent me an article yesterday which although it’s a bit self-evident, I thought was very helpful and useful. David Bach writes a column called “The Automatic Millionaire,” and (apparently) gives financial and work advice regularly. I’ve never read his column before this, but what I did read makes me want to read more. The article is called “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” and Bach goes over what many of us know about our jobs and the satisfaction (or lack thereof) we might have with our jobs, but in stating the obvious, it’s a bit of a kick in the shorts to *do* something about our situations. As I read the different sections to Mark, he made checkmarks in the air and said, “yep!” to Bach’s points. So we have our ‘exit strategy’ planned as Bach recommends, but the execution of said strategy has yet to reveal itself. If you want to read the article itself, click here . I think you might find it enlightening..

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