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I’ve held off buying a particular book for some time, knowing that my “I need to read” list is growing longer by the day. But when half.com comes through with the book for less than $5, I realize the time is now. And so I purchased “Leaving the Saints” by Martha Beck.

It arrived in record-time and I began reading it yesterday afternoon. I simply could not put it down and it’s taking a good amount of self-control to write instead of read.

So why is this book so fascinating to me? It’s well-written, and stimulates a part of my brain that doesn’t generally get stimulated when doing chores, searching homeschool material, or doing other daily tasks. It’s also about a woman’s journey out of Mormonism, or the Latter Day Saints (LDS). I have an abiding interest in LDS and have studied the religion for many years now–most anyone who’s known me for a few years knows of my desire to meet and talk with LDS missionaries and provide them with a hint of kindness and generosity that they might not get when they go from door-to-door. I’ve even attended ward meetings from time-to-time.

But more than Beck’s journey out of LDS is the emotion in her writing. The aching, the pleading, the absolute hunger for God and the things of Him are riveting to me. I remember being in that state as an almost-19-year-old. I remember the reading, the studying, the absolute *need* to find God and knowing that I wasn’t finding Him or getting a true picture of Him in the church in which I was raised. I read everything, including the Bible. I studied all sorts of religions and talked to others incessantly about what they believed and why. I thought and thought and thought some more–sometimes thinking myself into a corner, other times thinking myself into a conundrum of logic and feelings.

And while I’m not in that place now, I can emote with her and see so many in today’s world as they try to bridge the gap that separates God and man–and feel the disappointment every time one of our homemade ‘bridges’ fails. It’s absolutely eye-opening and I recommend it to anyone who has a heart for God and those who have yet to come to know Him.

So as she describes herself in her search, I can completely relate to where she was and find myself unable to put the book down long enough to do much else during the day. The fact that I made myself do house chores early this morning was amazing–I just wanted to read. But now the chores are done and I *can* read. Well, after I finish this post. 😉

I don’t know where Beck ends up in her journey–I’m only in the first quarter of her book. But if the rest is as good as the first 5 chapters, I’m in for a treat. I sincerely hope that she’s found God and His amazing love in her search, but that will remain to be seen. I’ll post more on the book later, when I’m done..

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