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Why is it that the smallest home repair can destroy the most stringent budget? Seriously–the threshold repair ran me the price of a new threshold ($26), which wasn’t bad. But the time and energy to put it in will be about $250. It’s not that I don’t think the guy who will put it in is worth his pay, but dang! It sort of shot my kitchen-redo budget to heck. I guess it’s like the old adage told of the retired engineer who went back to his old workplace and charged them $10,000 to replace a bolt. They balked at the price and so he invoiced them differently–$1 for the bolt, $9,999 for knowing where to put the bolt. And he got his payment. So I guess if we knew more about replacing thresholds and whatnot, we’d be able to save $250. But since we don’t, we’ll pony-up the cash to have it done. :::sigh::: I hope the people who buy our house appreciate the beautiful threshold at the kitchen door! 😉


In the middle of the kitchen threshold issue, I realized I had a hair appointment to keep today. Which was a good thing–my hair was looking a bit like a relaxed afro with the humidity and my curls. 😐 While this might be a great look for some people, it ain’t so for me. So I put myself in Matthias’ hands, as I have for more than 8 years now. :)

In all seriousness, one of the things I don’t look forward to is replacing my doctors when we move. But even more than that, I don’t really want to have to experiment to find a new hairstylist. I know it sounds silly, but Matthias knows my hair and its quirks and I trust him completely. I usually just tell him to “make it look good” and remind him that he’s the professional. I’m never disappointed with the results. And of course, the best part (other than the finished product) is the head-massage that comes with the shampoo. For whatever reason, I cannot produce the same effect or lather myself (even with the identical shampoo) in my shower. It’s the strangest thing! So that is definitely something I look forward to–there’s something exceedingly relaxing about having someone else massage your scalp, and I would pay for that alone, not just a great haircut.

Shhhh…don’t tell Matthias that! 😉.

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