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As the proud mama that I am, I was listening to my sweet boy this afternoon with his usual peppering of “Brendan-isms” in what he was telling me. And although most of you don’t know my kid directly, I thought you might be amused by some of his interpretations of common idiomatic phrases. :)

  • it works like a huge charm
  • you won’t believe what your eyes say!
  • it’s a very sensitive hiccup, Mom. Kind of like a bruise. [???]
  • the majority of people around here don’t know how to drive. All the people in Michigan know how to drive. [errr…not quite, son! ;)]
  • [after me watching him wipe his mouth on his shirt] the slobber just *landed on* my shirt, Mom! I promise!
  • Well, you get the idea. The reality a four year-old sees and speaks of is probably in a different plane than what adults see. But it definitely makes for an interesting existence and interpretations. Time to go corral my kid, who’s running around in circles in the kitchen. 😉.

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