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My recouperation from this vacation has been longer than I anticipated; I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m just now starting to get back in to the routine of things, and I made sure this house sparkled before I left. It’s a good thing I did, because I haven’t had the energy to do much around here until today. I think it’s the combination of tired and grieving that’s doing it to me…I’m sleeping at night, but still feel like I could use a good long siesta during the day, too.

Anyhow, now that my desktop computer is back among the living and I’m able to catch up on email messages and the like, I’ve been researching homeschooling sites. I’ve come across some really good ones and some real losers–the good ones I’ve bookmarked to visit later and use what they’ve got on their pages. :) In the process of finding some good preschooling resources (because quite frankly, I’m not willing to drop $500+ on curriculum that is largely doable with my own skills and ingenuity, at least this year), I found a site which Brendan LOVES. So we spent time there with a letter and phonics-recognition interactive ‘program’ (really just Java-driven pages).

I was very pleasantly surprised to realize exactly how many of the letters Brendan has sight-recognition. He’s got 23 of 26 recognized by sight–I was anticipating spending a lot of time this fall with that mastery, but it looks like it will mostly a refresher. The funny thing is that he’s picked these things up by himself–while we read to him daily, we haven’t used any ‘early reader’ programs or materials at all. He plays regularly with his magnetic letters, but only in the last few days has he wanted to ‘spell’ his name with them or do anything like that. So it’s almost as if this has happened via osmosis, which is an interesting thing for me to realize. It also frightens me quite a bit–if I’ve not realized he’s absorbed letter-recognitiong, what else have I not realized that he has absorbed as well? 😮

One thing that is amazing to me is the difference in cultures on this matter. When my friend Wendy & I had our ‘mom’s date’ at Starbucks, she told me that Ukrainian people don’t think that children absorb things (or effectively learn) until about ages 10-12. So the junk that’s on TV (which Wendy tells me is much worse than what’s on American TV) is watched *with the kids* for years because they don’t think it will hurt them. 😮 That amazes me, but it’s status-quo to Ukrainian minds. Fascinating differences, eh?

In case you’re looking for the link to this site by now, I’m happy to post it. :) You can find it here. Click on the “abc’s” for preschoolers or those who are just starting to read, and as your child grows, explore the other areas. I am really impressed with them and with the material there. :)

On to other chores–and to more programming. Stay tuned for the release of another blog site in the next few days–it’s almost ready! :).

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    My son loves Starfall, he begs to see the letters every day.