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Okay, so I continue to knit to the end of the baby blanket I’m working on. But in the meantime, I’m also trying to motivate my kid to pick up after himself during the course of the day and convince him how important it is as we approach the next step in our move. I used to have a game called ‘beat the clock’ where he’d race against a timer set to 2 minutes. Unfortunately for me, he wised up to this and realized my end-game and called me on it. :o So now he wants to play ‘beat the knitter.’

I am on the downslope of this blanket–literally decreasing one stitch per row right now. Which is a great place to be. But it also means that I can knit a row faster than I could when there were 125 stitches in a row, too. So I start knitting and Brendan races around like a madman, trying to pick up his stuff before I finish my row. And we tease each other with sing-songy little phrases like, “I’m the knitter, yes I am–you can’t beat me with a garbage can!” (I’m not a poet, in case it’s not clear by now…and he doesn’t pitch his stuff in a trashcan, just picks it up and puts it away.) Today I knitted in the front room, his room, and my room–all places where he had deposits of toys. While he did this, I knitted three rows, which is three rows closer to being done than otherwise, and he got the satisfaction of being ‘faster than the knitter.’ :)

Okay, so it’s not the greatest motivator for every kid, but it sure works for *my* kid. And I get to finish this blanket while motivating my kid. So it’s not all bad, eh? 😉.

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