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There is always so much to do before leaving on a trip, and this time, I seem to be chasing my tail as I try to get ready. My scheduled-tasks have been rearranged a bit, which ordinarily doesn’t throw me too badly, but this time, I’m feeling like it’s making me forget something.

Anyhow, my mom has asked if I want to say anything at Grandpa’s memorial service. Indeed I do, but I’m unsure what to say.

Grandpa was a great story-teller. He loved to weave tales and stories for us, and when we lived in Japan, he even put them on cassette tape so we could enjoy them across the miles. He had stories on how he lost the top two sections of his right index finger, which was actually the effects of a table saw accident. He told us he lost it “chasing robbers,” “fighting off thieves in Detroit,” and (my personal favourite) “an octopus bit it off when he was down on the docks of the Detroit River.”  Didn’t know octopi occupied the Detroit River (!!), but he also elaborated by telling us he removed the suction cups of said octopus with a burning cigarette. :) And as kids, we ate it all up.

There were times when I sought Grandpa’s story-telling abilities–more than the fiction he wove, but for the history. When I was in high school and wanted to understand what caused the Great Depression, I asked Gramps. I expected about 30 minutes of story–but got about 4 hours. 😉 I wasn’t prepared for it, but it was highly educational and fascinating.

So maybe that’s what I’ll talk about. More than Grandpa’s terrycloth tiger-striped cover-alls, more than the Aim toothpaste, and more than the kitchen drawer that was devoted solely to Oreos for the grandkids, I loved his stories. That’s probably the best legacy he left for his grandkids and great-grandkids–and one that I intend to keep for our family. :).

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