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Oh the joy of having friends who are parents and who will take our kid hostage and send us on a date! :) Jay & Nette took Brendan with their kids to their small group tonight (there was a passel of kids playing together) and sent us out alone.

Brendan wasn’t so sure he wanted to go with the Brooks, even though he wouldn’t have wanted to be left behind, either. With kisses and reassurances and reminders of obedience, we all left. In the driving rain, no less.

Mark and I headed to The Outback for a hunk of moo-cow~mostly as a make-up meal for our lousy anniversary dinner 3 months ago. And it was lovely. :) And yummy.

But as we sat there across the table and talked, I realized that for a while when Brendan was young, I had no desire to go out alone with my husband. It took us so long to have him and we are all so bonded and attached, that it was entirely enjoyable going out with all of us. But now, it’s kind of fun to get reacquainted with my husband and know that Brendan is having such a good time that he’s not missing us at all.

And he didn’t even miss us once. He had a blast with the other kids. :)

We capped off our meal with a trip to find a shoe store that sells Keen shoes (I’m in love with them and Mark wants to try them), but ended up turned around. So we went to Briarwood Mall and walked around there. We finished our evening with a stop in at the Select Comfort store in the mall and now I’m in love with those beds. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it on a regular mattress now that I’ve felt nirvana! Seriously–these beds are *amazing* and with the added massage-unit on the bed, husbands are entirely superfluous. 😉

When we got home, we found Brendan having more fun and saying, “What took you so long?” when he and the Brooks had rolled in only five minutes prior. He never missed us and we had a great time getting time alone and listening to Michael Buble on the ‘pod. :)

So now I remember why I got married…I have a great husband who is fun to be with and who is my soul mate. And it’s a great reminder. :).

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