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…is complicated. Mark’s job continues to worsen, and he actually thought he might lose his job on Friday. Due to no fault of his own (genuinely), but when you’re low-man-on-totem-pole and there are others above you who *should* lose their jobs (but won’t, because of the clout they possess), things begin to look dicey.

Which, sadly enough, is where we’re at. Mark has always conducted himself with integrity and done his job to the best of his ability, but someone once said that ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ and in the world of corporate business, someone else took that to heart. 😐

Strangely, though, we’re not worried about it. I’m pensive and I know Mark is concerned, but yet we *know* that God is providing even though we cannot see it right now. Men have the ability to compartmentalize their concerns and woes, which women (apparently) do not have. I have been trying hard not to fret–understanding that if this bump in the road happens, we WILL be okay. We may not be able to see around the bend, but that’s okay too. God’s leading often doesn’t show us what’s around the corner to insure that we’re reliant upon Him for the moment. And the next moment. And the one after that. And I’m content with that.

I haven’t been sleeping well–it’s taking me a long time to fall asleep, which is highly unusual for me. Mark jokes that he can count to 10 from when my head hits the pillow and I’m out. But these days find me listening to his snores (if they get too bad, I nudge him with my foot) and praying. And then falling asleep much too late to get up at a reasonable hour. So I’m hoping that I can break that pattern tonight–I’ve had no nap (despite a desire to have a l-o-n-g one) and only one diet pepsi today, so there should be nothing that prevents me from falling asleep quickly.

On another note, I’m highly p-o’d at the government these days. I got a letter from the Department of Homeland Security (Customs and Border Patrol) yesterday saying that my zyrtec (ordered from Canada with a valid prescription, mind you) was being held and would be destroyed, but I had two options–one to let them destroy it by doing nothing, and the other to let them send it to the FDA for destruction. Neither option is acceptable to me. It was *assumed* (and we all know what happens when you ass-u-me) that I don’t have a prescription and that this is an illicit product or contraban. It’s freakin’ ALLERGY MEDICATION, folks! It’s not like they don’t have real issues of immigration, terrorism, and methamphetamine to deal with…they have to go after my zyrtec. Jeez-o-pete! I’m ready to let someone have a piece of my mind, and right now I’m not sure I can afford to part with any of it. 😐 I’ll post whatever my resolution is–I’m shooting for a return of my medication (quickly) or a refund from the pharmacy. The odd thing is that I’ve ordered my zyrtec from Canada for several years now and never had a problem at all. So who knows about this order…? And happily, I see my doctor on Tuesday morning so I can get another script and run in to Meijer. My itching will be out of control by then…not to mention my inability to breathe properly. Mix life in the Ohio Valley and governmental bureaucracy and you get one not-so-thrilled Sue. Sheesh…..

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